Phosphating: Six Major Benefits That Just May Surprise You

By definition, “phosphating” is a term used to describe a treatment process used on metal surfaces. During the phosphating process, an acid attacks the present metal surfaces and leaves behind a final material that is both phosphate and metal substrate.

Phosphating Offers Distinctive Features And Advantages

Why should you choose phosphating for your metal surfaces? The phosphating process delivers a wide range of impressive benefits, including:

  1. Protection against corrosion and rot: Once the metal has undergone phosphating treatment, it instantly has a higher level of protection against corrosion and rot. Not only does this yield an aesthetic benefit and help your equipment maintain a “like-new” appearance, it also helps prolong the longevity and lifespan of every treated item.
  2. Galling inhibition: Overtime, “galling” or wear and tear caused by adhesion between two sliding surfaces can occur on untreated items. Implementing a phosphate process institutes an “anti-galling” finish for pieces that are continuously in contact with other items.
  3. Enhanced lubrication: Not only does a phosphate finish inhibit galling, it also delivers an enhanced lubrication on the area that has received treatment. You’ll instantly notice that your pieces and parts move more smoothly for optimal performance.
  4. Easier cleanup:  A surface treated with phosphate offers a smoother area that is far easier to clean than untreated pieces.
  5. Minimized surface glare: Metal surfaces can reflect glare from both natural and indoor lighting, resulting in projects that are tough to finish. A phosphate-treated item minimizes glare on surfaces to ensure your work experience is as pleasant as possible.

Budget-friendly costs: Best of all, choosing phosphating for your metal pieces and equipment does not have to break the bank. Many business owners are surprised to find that this critical, effective process is also very budget-friendly. With just one fast, simple treatment, phosphating will deliver extensive results without stretching your business financially thin.

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