Stripping Products

Canadian Finishing Systems carries a full line of products for your stripping needs.

We have a broad line line of stripping products to fit your special paint and coating removal requirements. Products include paint strippers, powder strippers, laquer strippers, levelling strippers plus several other proprietary products. As an added bonus, many of our stripping products are also Methylene Chloride free.

Some of our custom formulations include:

CanStrip RTP – NEW

A liquid, alkaline paint stripper containing a unique blend of organic solvents, activators and detergents which will effectively strip various powders and paints from ferrous and non-ferrous parts at room temperature. CanStrip RTP contains no CFC, silicates, ethoxylated nonylphenols, phosphates or chromium salts.

CanStrip ALS (Aluminum Safe Paint Stripper)

A unique blend of water soluble solvents, organic acids, and detergents for stripping water based acrylic paints and E-Coat type paints.

CanStrip Multi Metal (Hot Tank Paint Stripper)

A caustic and silicate free, blend of organic solvent, amines, detergents for immersion stripping paints from ferrous and non-ferrous parts.

CanStrip 615 (Resin Stripper)

A resin stripping liquid with a unique blend of organic solvents and detergents for resin and plastisol coating removal from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

CanStrip 1024 (Paint Stripper)

A CFC free solvent replacement for more hazardous organics (MEK, DCM) that is a general surface cleaner for hydraulic fluids, sealants, brake cleaner and is also save on ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and most plastic/rubber surfaces.

CanStrip HT

A liquid product used with hot alkaline strippers to remove paint and ink from ferrous metals.

Additive HTA

A solvent based liquid accelerator for hot alkaline paint strippers, which is effective for coating removal from ferrous metals.